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Building the New Metropolis: An Interview with Developer Jonathan Rose

Developers often complain that while urban infill development projects seem attractive, they are economically unviable. Developer Jonathan Rose takes a different view. In this video, he demonstrates that green and equitable projects can also be profitable and beautiful. The Highlands’ Garden Village development project in Denver is an example. Watch the video on the right...

Global Problems, Local Solutions
Cincinnati, OH

What are the links between climate change and our land use policies? Why is urban revitalization key to reducing carbon emissions? Find out at the local Bioneers Conference 2010 taking place at Xavier University in October...

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St. Louis, MO

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently held a lunchtime screening of "The New Neighbors" as part of their Community Development's Exploring Innovation Week, 2010. All four regional offices participated in the two-hour event; a facilitated discussion followed the film screening. The regional branch offices include those in Little Rock, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Pittsburgh, PA

With new partners joining the Building Community Connections effort, three screening events are scheduled in the Pittsburgh region this fall…

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Building the New Metropolis

Pittsburgh, PA Launch Video

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