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About the Filmmaker

Director/Producer/Writer: Andrea Torrice has been producing award-winning documentaries for nearly 20 years for public television, museums, governments, businesses and educational institutions on a range of contemporary issues including global warming, elections, international conflicts, health and public policy. For more information about Torrice, visit

Director of Photography: Bill Turnley has over 20 years experience as an award-winning director of photography for documentary and feature films. He has shot dozens of documentaries for PBS including Frontline, the Discovery Channel and 60 minutes, as well as for Canadian and European television.

Additional Camera: Gary Mercer, Brian Dentz, Beth Fowler, and Mark Stucker

Editors: Matt Dibble has been editing video for 20 years. His work has included installations for U.S. museums and award winning documentary films for public television. His most recent film, Koryo Saram, The Unreliable People, won Best Documentary award from the National Film Board of Canada, 2008. Ken Schneider has over 15 years experience producing and editing award-winning documentary films for public television.

Original Score: Belinda Reynolds is an award-winning composer whose music has been recorded and performed throughout the United States and abroad. This is her first PBS documentary.

Audio Post Production: Philip Perkins is a sound editor and re-recording mixer for features, commercials and PBS documentaries and location sound recordist and music mixer with experience that stretches back into the 1970s, which is as far back as he can remember anymore.

Graphic Design: Bridget Smith

Web Team: Chris Stevens, Amy Cunningham, Nicki Davis, Danielle Driehaus, Teresa Fadden, Melissa Godoy, Stephan Groschwitz, Scott Pearson, Nora Sweeney, Andrea Torrice, and Charlie Woodman

Photo Credits: Jim Cummings, Caroline Savage, and Nora Sweeney

Photos from the making of The New Metropolis
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