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What's Next for the The New Metropolis

After 120 screenings across the country, we are taking a break as we begin to develop ideas for the next upcoming episode of The New Metropolis. Stay tuned!

Rebroadcast on PBS Starting in the Fall of 2017

We are happy to announce that American Public Television will be rebroadcasting The New Metropolis beginning in Fall 2017. Check with your local PBS station to find out dates and times of broadcasts.

The New Metropolis: Building a Sustainable and Healthy Bay Area in the Age of Global Warming

More than 170 people attended the film screening and community dialogue, The New Metropolis: Building a Healthy Bay Area in an Age of Global Warming at the overflowing Rialto Cerrito Theater in the first suburb of El Cerrito, California on Saturday, February 4th.

The focus of the screening event was to bring policymakers and citizens together to discuss strategies for urban and suburban renewal, and the implications of state initiatives such as SB 375. A panel of public officials and community leaders discussed land use and transportation policy issues with the audience. The attendees then broke into community working groups to come up with a list of recommendations that will be included in the Association of Bay Area Government's Plan Bay Area Report.

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Reimagining the Region:
Building a New Detroit Metropolis

Approximately 205 citizens and community leaders came from Detroit and surrounding suburbs to the Emagine Royal Oak Theatre to view The New Metropolis and engage public officials in a dialogue.

A range of both suburban and urban civic, church, municipal organizations, legislators, university students, and seniors—black, white, and Hispanic— participated for the first time in a lively conversation about how regional collaboration was key.

Key themes covered were the similar challenges between Detroit and its older suburbs, as well as strategies to collaborate on key issues: overcoming the legacy of segregation, equity, housing, transportation sustainability and economic development.

Read more about the Detroit event…

Photos from the California Screening

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