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Community Action Toolkit

The Toolkit contains documents that you can easily download. They include:

pdfThe Viewer’s Guide is useful for groups and individuals and contains film summaries and background information, discussion questions and a list of useful resources.

pdfThe Event Planning Guide provides step-by-step information on hosting a community screening event, and local Public Media station events.

pdfThe Event Planning Guide Appendix provides helpful examples to aid in planning, marketing, and hosting your event.

pdfThe Educator's Guide includes materials for teachers grades 9-12 and for college instructors.

For more website resources, check out the Communities Taking Action to read stories, to watch video clips from communities taking action, and to link to organizations and resources for first suburbs.

The New Metropolis Press Kits

pdfProgram Description - 3 MB

pdfPress Kit (.zip of .pdf files) - 41 MB

To download, first save file to your computer

pdfPress Photos (.zip of .jpg files) - 48 MB

To download, first save file to your computer

pdfEpisode 1: A Crack in the Pavement Synopsis - 2 MB

pdfEpisode 2: The New Neighbors Synopsis - 2 MB

Download the Viewer's Guide

Viewer's Guide

Download the Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide

Download the Educator's Guide

Educator's Guide

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