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Cincinnati, OH

Global Problems, Local Solutions

Andrea Torrice's films highlight strategies to curb climate change through urban revitalization at Bioneers 2010 Conference

October 17, 2010

What are the linkages between climate change and our land use policies? Why is green and equitable urban revitalization key to reducing carbon emissions? Award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrea Torrice screened her recent films and discussed the connections and strategies for change as a keynote speaker at the local Bioneers Conference 2010 - part of a national dialogue that happened across the country - on Saturday, October 16th, 7 PM at Xavier University's Cintas Center. For details go to:

Ms. Torrice’s keynote address – “Through the Lens: Films Exploring Green Urban Revitalization and Climate Change” – included excerpts from her landmark film on global warming Rising Waters. Also featured were her new films: The New Metropolis, as well as the premiere of the first in a series of web videos called Building the New Metropolis. Her talk explored the linkages between the impacts of global warming on island nations and the United States, as well as steps that we can take towards curbing global warming through green and equitable revitalization projects.

About the Films

Ms. Torrice premiered her new web video Building the New Metropolis: An Interview with Developer Jonathan Rose. The video demonstrates the potential for building walkable, green, equitable and economically viable communities.

Currently airing on PBS stations around the country, The New Metropolis, Episode 1: A Crack in the Pavement is about how unbalanced growth and sprawl adversely affect older suburban communities such as Cincinnati’s Elmwood Place and Madeira. Rising Waters explores the global warming debate through the personal stories of Pacific Islanders, and was featured at the 2004 United Nation’s Earth Summit.

Through her work, Ms. Torrice defines the problems of climate change at the global, national and local levels and explores solutions that we can all pursue: “Inefficient land use practices that promote sprawl style developments are one of the major contributors to our expanding carbon footprint. Revitalizing our cities and older suburbs through green urbanism is our best hope for a better future."

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Upcoming Screening in Cincinnati

The HOME organization (Housing Opportunities Made Equal) will be showing The New Neighbors as part of the Hidden Treasures Forum celebrating Cincinnati-area stable integrated communities on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

For more information, contact Myra Calder at (513) 721-4663.

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